Printed Date: 12/08/2020

GLL acquires FitSpace chain to run as Better Gyms


GLL, the UK's leading leisure social enterprise and charity incomer in the affordable gym market has acquired the FitSpace chain and will run them under its Better Gym brand.

In a sector currently dominated by private providers, GLL offers something different to high street customers.

The gyms will now be run in a way that prioritises social value over profit – with an emphasis on increasing participation and maintaining accessibility and affordability to boost health and wellbeing. 

The gyms were taken over on 1 December and bring the present number of standalone Better Gyms to 17.

The gyms will reach out to engage the local community through wider access, targeting younger, older and less traditional gym users so more people can benefit from affordable access to high quality and structured physical activity.

Mark Sesnan, MD of GLL said:

"GLL's growing network of Better Gyms brings a fresh name to the high street and proves that a charity can compete very successfully with the private sector in leisure.

"Better still, instead of shareholders, it’s our customers that profit from our social enterprise. All our surpluses are reinvested into our facilities to help get people of all backgrounds, ages and communities more active, more often, thus helping address some of the deep problems in our society today such as inactivity and child obesity.”

GLL's Better Gym locations: Bournemouth, Bradford, Holloway, Lincoln, Mitcham, Nottingham, Sheffield, Woolwich