Printed Date: 25/04/2018

GLL launches CoursePro to revolutionise its swim and sports courses

GLL has launched new software to simplify the management of lessons and courses at 115 of the 140 leisure centres it operates across England and Wales.

CoursePro, devised by Cap2 Solutions, was originally designed to support swim schools, and has been endorsed by the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA). However, the programme management software is now being used by GLL to administer a wide range of other sports activities including football and gymnastics.

Using the latest technology, CoursePro removes paperwork processes from GLL teachers and coaches, who can now log activity in real-time using an iPod. The system simplifies the administration process aiming to reduce pressure on staff, improve customer service, and aid retention.

Steve Ward, Associate Director at GLL said, "Implementing CoursePro was an enormous undertaking, encompassing over 7,000 lessons and courses per week in 27 different sports and activities, including swim school, football, gymnastics, judo, athletics, dance, drama and Nordic walking.

"The transfer from paper to iPod however, has made lessons and courses far easier to manage. The register is simple to use, testing sheets are also simple to use, and even the movement around class levels is easy to understand."

The software enables parental interaction via a HomePortal, where customers can view teacher feedback, re-enrol and pay for future lessons.

"With over 21,000 of our customers creating a HomePortal account, we are receiving excellent feedback from them, especially with regards to monitoring their child's progress. We have also held review sessions with our 400 plus swimming teachers and received great feedback on the software from them too," added Ward.

GLL now uses the software at the London Aquatics Centre, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, a legacy venue used for the London Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012. The London Aquatics Centre, which reopened on 1st March 2014, hosts a number of swimming and sporting events, as well as diving lessons as part of GLL’s new Tom Daley Diving Academy.