Printed Date: 23/04/2018

GLL Tennis Apprentices Start Their Journey

Apprentices at White Horse Tennis and Leisure Centre

On the 19th May 2016, GLL’s five new Tennis Apprentices started their training together at the White Horse Leisure and Tennis Centre.

The main theme of the day for Kyra (Crystal Palace), Keenan (West London), Luke (Islington), Naiya (Ridgeway Park) and Matt (Delta, Swindon) was communication. The apprentices were given experience running sessions for a group of visually impaired players and a group of adults experiencing Touch Tennis for the first time.

Nick Elliott, GLL National Head Coach, said: “The five all presented themselves brilliantly with enthusiasm in abundance, all the players, without exception, had a fantastic time. If this is the apprentices starting point, those of us supporting the day agreed that the future is very bright for these apprentices and for tennis in GLL.”

Matthew Rutland, GLL Tennis Apprentice, Delta Tennis Centre, said, “It was a good, productive day and I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the Visually Impaired coaching. The day helped massively with the understanding of my role as a coaching assistant and helped my development. I’m excited to continue working towards my apprenticeship and my upcoming LTA level one.”

Each apprentice has started the process of applying for their first Tennis qualification, the LTA Level 1, which takes place 25th/26th June and 17th July at White Horse Leisure and Tennis Centre.