Printed Date: 26/05/2022


Our GLL Green Plan

We’re committed to reducing our impact on the environment by lowering our carbon emissions and energy use.

We know our buildings use a lot of energy so we’ve already invested over £5m into green technology over the last 2 years. We’re also working hard to improve our sustainability and asking our partners, suppliers and customers to help do the same.

Our long term ambition is to reach net zero carbon by 2050.

Our Progress So Far

  • £5m invested in energy saving technologies, such as low energy lighting, heat recycling, and pool covers all helping to lower our electricity and gas consumption by over 10%
  • 45 Solar arrays and 6 air source heat pumps helping to power our centres from renewable sources
  • Recycling stations installed in every centre, sending over 1,000 tonnes of recyclables per year for re-use
  • No waste from our centres* will ever be taken to landfill
  • All catering food waste is sent for composting and electricity generation
  • Environmental training for over 1,000 of our staff
  • ISO14001 Environmental Management certification
  • REGO Certified Green Electricity purchasing
  • Introduced the UKs first biodegradable Library cards

Our Long Term Commitments

  • £2m investment this year in energy saving technologies to further reduce our electricity and gas consumption
  • 30 more solar arrays installed over the next 5 years
  • 50 zero carbon heat pumps installed over the next 5 years
  • All essential company vehicles to be converted to electric over the next 5 years
  • Increase recycling levels to over 65%
  • Working with our supply chains to reduce packaging by 50%
  • Stock a range of sustainable and healthy food products in our catering outlets

*Where GLL is responsible for waste collection. In some centres our council partners are responsible for waste collection and may have different policies.

Case Study: UKs First Biodegradable Library Cards

In September 2021, the Royal Borough of Greenwich's 13 public Libraries begun issuing the new eco-cards with over 120,000 library cards currently in circulation within Greenwich alone, the change will had a significant environmental impact – in reducing the amount of plastic.e presenting GLL with their “Mark II” environmentally sustainable card.”

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