Printed Date: 21/10/2021

National Governing Bodies

GLL believes in the difference that partnership working brings – both to the delivery of leisure centre and the wider social agenda. We’re proud to work with all these national governing bodies:

Swim England

GLL is the largest operator of swimming facilities in England and GLL works closely with the sport's national governing body, Swim England to ensure consistency and quality. Our growth of swimming participation across all ages and abilities aligns our objectives and has created opportunities for local people to use our swimming pools to play, learn, train and excel. Partnership working aligns our objectives and ensures a clear sporting pathway for swimming. It has also enabled us to develop and pilot new initiatives for the industry like ‘Dementia Friendly Swimming’ and the ‘Social Swimming model’ for Adult Learn to Swim that can then be used across the country successfully.

Swim England

British Swimming

As an operator of many of the UK’s 50m pools and 10m Diving facilities, GLL works closely with British Swimming the national governing body for Swimming, Diving, Synchronised Swimming, Water Polo and Open Water in Great Britain. We currently host two High Performance training programmes at London Aquatics Centre and Manchester Aquatics Centre as well as holding a number of key events. 

British Swimming

Swim Ireland / Swim Ulster

GLL currently operates 8 swimming facilities in Belfast and GLL works closely with Swim Ireland and Swim Ulster as the sport's national governing body in Northern Ireland to ensure consistency and quality. Our growth of swimming participation across all ages and abilities aligns our objectives and has created opportunities for local people to use our swimming pools to play, learn, train and excel. Partnership working aligns our objectives and ensures a clear sporting pathway for Swimming. In 2017 we launched the ‘Swim a Mile Campaign’ encouraging more people to take up swimming and train to be able to swim a mile without stopping.

Swim Ireland

Swim Ulster

Swim Wales

GLL operates 7 swimming facilities in Cardiff and works with Swim Wales to ensure key objectives are aligned to increase participation and improve pathways across all aquatic disciplines.

Swim Wales

Badminton England

As an operator of 100 centres with sports halls containing over 450 badminton courts, GLL works closely with Badminton England to increase visibility, participation and pathway opportunities of the sport.  GLL works ever closer with the sport's national governing body both at a national and regional level to further improve the service and products provided to our local communities through GLL's framework (play, learn, train, excel).

Badminton England

British Gymnastics

British Gymnastics is the official governing body for Gymnastics within the UK.

British Handball Association

The British Handball Association is responsible for promoting the sport of Handball in Great Britain in conjunction with the home nation governing bodies.  Crystal Palace National Sports Centre is the home of British Handball's first High Performance Centre.

British Olympic Association

The British Olympic Association’s role is to lead and prepare our nation's finest athletes at the Olympic Games. It’s responsible for developing the Olympic Movement throughout the UK.

British Paralympic Association

The British Paralympic Association is a charity which is responsible for selecting, preparing, entering, funding and managing Britain' s teams at the Paralympic Games and Paralympic Winter Games.

England Athletics

England Athletics is the body responsible for the governance of Athletics in England. 

England Basketball

England Basketball governs and enhances the sport of basketball in England. The organisation encourages and enables people to participate in basketball - regardless of their ability, age, gender, status, disability or ethnic background – and aims to lift the performance and quality of basketball throughout England.

England Squash & Racketball

England Squash & Racketball promotes and develops squash and racketball on a regional basis, listening to and helping clubs, players, coaches, referees, and volunteers. The organisation also promotes these sports to people who have yet to pick up a racket.


Parasport is a joint initiative between the British Paralympic Association (BPA) and the professional services firm Deloitte, to improve how talented sports people at community level are identified and supported, with the aim of increasing participation levels in competitive sporting events.

Sport England

Sport England is an organisation committed to creating opportunities for people to start in sport, stay in sport and succeed in sport. The organisation promotes and invests in sport and is responsible for delivering the Government's sporting objectives.

The Lawn Tennis Association

The Lawn Tennis Association's (LTA) mission is to get more people playing tennis more often, and part of its role is to govern tennis in Great Britain, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man by acting as guardians to promote and safeguard the integrity of the sport.

This has a lot of synergies with our tennis strategy. As the largest provider of public tennis facilities in the UK our mission statement for tennis which is:

"To be the driving force behind increased and sustained tennis participation in the UK through best practise tennis management and tennis innovation."

We are one of the LTA’S key partners. Using LTA initiatives, expertise, facility and funding support combined with our resources and knowledge we can drive shared common objectives to help more people get into tennis more often. The LTA have helped us recruit experts, improve our facilities and expand our reach in tennis across the UK.

Our partnership grows from strength to strength each year as our tennis network rapidly grows.

The Lawn Tennis Association

The Tennis Foundation

The Tennis Foundation are Britain’s leading Tennis Charity. They exist to create opportunities for all people no matter what their age, shape, size or ability. They focus on those that normally don’t get the chance to follow their dreams.

As a charitable social enterprise ourselves we too want to engage those communities that are hardest to reach. We always want to contribute to a Better community. The Tennis Foundation partnership allows us to offer tennis initiatives and campaigns to those who would never consider picking up a racket. They have also enabled us to develop a workforce to deliver these initiatives.

The Tennis Foundation

UK Athletics

UK Athletics is the governing body for the sport of athletics in the United Kingdom.