Printed Date: 23/01/2022

About the GLL Community Foundation



The GLL Community Foundation helps local projects with funding, facilities and support that encourages people to be active, to learn and to play together. Projects could include organising a sports tournament or improving a community library to creating a new sports league or revamping a children's playground.

Over its lifetime, the GLL Community foundation has supported 55 projects with a total value of £84,395.

For every £1 GLL invest in a project, £12 is raised by and for local communities - showing the exceptional 'buy in' for projects we support.

GLL is offering up to £5,000 worth of cash and in kind support to community projects across the UK through the GLL Community Foundation in partnership with Spacehive. GLL is the first leisure organisation to partner with Spacehive and to contribute to the local community in this way.


Do you have any exciting ideas that could improve your community?

GLL Community Foundation is looking for new projects that are eligible for its support. Upload your project idea to Spacehive for the chance to get a pledge of up to £5,000. Potential project creators are encouraged to contact GLL for advice or have a project they would like our help with.


You can see our profile and project case studies here


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