Printed Date: 28/03/2023

About Us

Making A Difference

We exist to make community services and spaces better for everyone. That means providing access to quality community leisure and fitness facilities - and more - at a price everyone can afford.

We’re a charitable social enterprise, which means we work for the benefit of everyone: the public, the communities we work in, the environment, our staff and our partners. As a result, we’re proud to be the first leisure operator in the UK to be awarded both the Social Enterprise Mark (which we held from 2010 until 2013) and the Prime Minister’s Big Society Award.

Our Story

In 2022, GLL turns 29 years old and we’re as excited about the future today, as we were back in 1993. At GLL we don't just run leisure centres, swimming pools or lidos or gyms, we provide for the whole community running, libraries, theatres, children's centres, playgrounds, nurseries and so much more. All of which, we run in our charitable, community-focused way...

Our Corporate Plan

In a changing world, our aims and aspirations for the future are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure we meet the needs of our customers and partners.

We believe GLL is unique and not just because we were the first leisure trust in the UK. Our four ‘pillars’ sit at the heart of our business-delivery and form the vital DNA that makes us tick.

Our People

As a worker-owned, charitable social enterprise, it’s no surprise that people sit at the heart of our business.  

Find out more about the members of our leadership team by reading their profiles here.

Our Finances

At GLL, we believe in 'business that benefits community' but to achieve this ambition, we need to have a financially-strong and sustainable business model.

GLL has a history of strong financial management that allows us to continue to reinvest back into the local communities where we operate. You can read our latest financial statement and find out more about our governance here.