Printed Date: 03/12/2022

Welcome to GLL

A Charitable Social Enterprise

GLL News

Dame Jenny Harries announces GLL’s Public Health exemplars winners of national showcase

November 02, 2022

Hackney Team makes measurable difference to local lives

Libraries across England become designated Warm Spaces

October 26, 2022

Further help for communities with cost of living crisis

GLL Celebrates National Fitness Day

September 21, 2022

Supporting physical activity, having fun

Our Story

GLL will be 30 years old in 2023 and we’re as excited about the future today, as we were back in 1993.

At GLL we don't just run Leisure Centres, Swimming Pools or Gyms, we provide for the whole community running Libraries, Theatre's, Children's Centres, Playgrounds, Nurseries and so much more.

All of which we run supported by our customers and partners in our charitable, community focused way.

Our Corporate Plan

In a changing world, our aims and aspirations for the future are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure we meet the needs of our customers and partners. We're here for our communities and want to help make them better for everyone...

Being a charitable social enterprise

A staff owned not-for-proft GLL is here for the good of the community. As firm believers in the power of social values, this is what being a social enterprise means for us…