Printed Date: 14/04/2024

Corporate Plan

In a changing world, our aims and aspirations for the future are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure we meet the needs of our customers and partners. 

As the UK's largest leisure and cultural trust, GLL has grown from strength to strength, operating 375 high-standard, inclusive, and accessible venues, and welcoming over 50 million visitors annually.

In light of our 30th anniversary, we've unveiled our ambitious new five-year corporate plan: GLL Corporate Plan 2023-27 - "Creating our Future"(PDF 3.6MB).

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The new plan sets the course for the next five years, showcasing GLL's values, innovations, and commitment to making a positive impact on communities across the UK.Our six values

We have also updated the company values to drive the plan's initiatives. The six values include the following themes:

  • an enhanced focus on communities;
  • health and wellbeing;
  • inclusion;
  • sustainability;
  • making our staff feel valued;
  • and embracing technology to improve the experience of its customers.

Charting the Path Ahead

Not only do we want to enhance our reputation for listening and acting on customer feedback, but we also want to continue to be a partner and employer of choice. We're looking to future generations with sustainability initiatives such as reducing environmental impact through innovative practices and investment. We'll be introducing GLL’s first solar-powered gym. Post-Covid health and wellbeing initiatives continue to be at the heart of what we do including co-locating with the NHS and supporting mental wellbeing and recovery/rehabilitation from a wide range of medical conditions.

A Journey for Everyone

GLL's new corporate plan is not just about the next five years, but extends the organisation's reach, making it strong and sustainable in the 21st century. From enhancing digital accessibility and immersive experience to launching new foundations and support to social businesses; over the next five years the plan aims to deliver £2bn of social value, support 1 million people getting more active, and contribute to broader economic, educational, health, and societal challenges.

Creating our future will deliver:

Expected results over the course of the plan 

  • £2bn of social value
  • 275m customer visits
  • 1m people more active
  • Supporting 50% of our customers with subsidised pricing
  • 500,000 children taught to swim
  • Digital options for all members and users
  • Energy use down 20%
  • Minimum 50% waste to recycling
  • GLL Society membership at +80%
  • Social enterprise and social business support in all partnerships
  • GLL Foundations active in all partnerships 

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