Printed Date: 28/05/2023

Sport and Legacy


A cornerstone of our social delivery is through our Sport and Legacy team, who have a clear focus on getting more people, more active, more often. The Sport and Legacy team play a key role in delivering the wide-ranging legacy commitments we have made, ensuring the benefits of London 2012 are maximised for all our current and future partners.

We have a large team of Community Sports Officers supported by specialist Sports Managers in such fields as disability sports, swimming, gymnastics, athletics and junior activities.  Our commitments to this agenda can be found in 'GLL Inspired - sport and social legacy strategy' which can be downloaded by clicking the link at the top of this page.

We’re proud to work with a number of sporting organisations to increase the awareness, participation and inclusion of local people into various sports.

These include:

  • The London Development Agency
  • The London Mayors Office
  • Community Leisure UK
  • The London Legacy Development Corporation
  • The Sector Skills Council, SkillsActive and the National Skills Academy
  • Sport England
  • ukactive and CIMSPA


Our objectives

We use a combination of national and local indicators to benchmark physical activity levels within the local communities we serve:

Adult Participation in Sport and Active Recreation

Local area estimates for adult participation in sport and active recreation is measured by Sport England’s Active People Survey.

The measures show the percentage of the adult population (16 +) in a local area who participate in sport three sessions a week (at least 12 sessions of at least 30 minutes in the previous 28 days).

Background Information - Youth and Community Strategy 2012-17

The 2012-17 Youth and Community Strategy for Sport England was launched in January 2012. It describes how over £1billion of National Lottery and Exchequer funding will be invested over five years into four main areas of work. 

National Governing Body 2013–17 Funding

Young people (14-25 years old) will benefit from 60% of this investment. Programmes will include helping young people move from school sport into club sport and working with universities and colleges to create more sporting opportunities for students.


Facilities underpin our whole strategy. We want to build on the success of Places People Play, and create new funding-streams for mid-range facilities, facility improvements and new facilities.  The total investment into facilities, including Places People Play, will be over £250 million.

Local Investment

Local investment is vital to making sure work reaches into the heart of local communities. It provides new opportunities for young people in disadvantaged areas and capitalises on NGB investment, helping it go further. Investments will include a new community sport activation fund, and a Door Step Clubs programme to create sustainable clubs for young people in the most deprived areas.

The School Games

The School Games will motivate and inspire millions of young people across the country and give them the chance to take part in competitive school sport. There are four levels of competition - school, local, regional, and national - and the programme is designed to be inclusive, so young people of all abilities and skills can join in.

Alongside this, work is being done with the education sector to improve community access to schools, colleges and academy sports facilities with targeted funding to help make this happen.

GLL aims to work in partnership with local schools and councils to ensure as many children in the borough as possible are given the opportunity to take part in physical activity.


Sport – NGB framework

The GLL point of difference is that we offer quality facilities and equipment. Our services are accessible, inspirational and follow a strong code of good practice. We see sport business growing through: 

  • Developing a sport-priority and commercially-aware Community Sport Development team.
  • Offering a limited range of attractive products – fewer and better products delivered by a better provision of quality people.
  • Ensuring uniformity and quality-assurance in programmes and club access across the business.
  • Meeting contractual obligations in a way that enhances our reputation.
  • Using sport engagement to signpost customers to commercial sport offering (e.g. Junior Wellness).


Sport Development – community framework

Sport development will grow through:

  • Planning to deliver sport development with our partners.
  • Assessing its ability to drive business by increasing leisure centre use whilst meeting core contractual obligations.
  • Integrating both programmes and personnel into GLL procedures and protocols.
  • Developing an effective model and blueprint to market to other partnerships.
  • Making sure our key sport development principles lie at the heart of sport programme delivery.
  • Ensuring sport development is integral to the business and community objectives of the partnership.

Community Development

Community development will develop through:

  • Integrating sport and community development within the Sport and Legacy department.
  • Establishing clear communication and information-sharing by producing and making ‘We Will’ commitments publicly available within every partnership.
  • Developing a sense of ownership and responsibility through establishing relationships with local voluntary and community organisations across the boroughs.
  • Enhancing corporate social responsibility.
  • Supporting successful community initiatives and activities.
  • Developing strong relationships and lasting partnerships across the business.

Foundation development

The GLL Sport Foundation is central to our sport programme development ambition and the way in which we promote it within the GLL community. The Foundation has set key objectives to help reduce the financial burden facing young people as they progress within their chosen sport. We’ll develop this through:

  • Expanding the impact of the scheme by offering funding and training grants to over 1,500 athletes.
  • Working with clients to celebrate the achievements of talented athletes in the partnership.
  • Increasing the publicity and marketing impact of the GLL Sport Foundation and its athletes.
  • Developing greater engagement with and value for, supporting sponsors.

If you’d like to speak to our sport division about any new business opportunities, please get in touch >>