Printed Date: 24/07/2024


We are reducing our impact on the environment through actions such as less reliance on fossil fuels and minimising waste; and working closely on joint actions with our local authority partners.

We are committed to become carbon net-zero by 2050, with an ambition to hit this target sooner.

We know our buildings use a lot of energy so we invested over £1m in 2023 on energy reduction measures such as LED lighting, pool covers and energy efficient motor controls. Thats over £8m invested into green technology over the last four years.

As a result we've been able to reduce energy consumption by 7% in 2023, a reduction of 23% over the last four years.



  • Invested £1m into energy reduction measures, such as low energy lighting, pool covers and energy efficient motor controls. That's over £8m invested into green technology in the last four years.
  • Reduced energy consumption by a further 7% in 2023, that's a total reduction of 23% over four years.
  • Reduced carbon emission by over 700 t/C02e through use of solar electricity.
  • Our venues now have 70 solar arrays which generate 3.5m kWH of green electricity. Approximately 3.5% ot our total demand.
  • Achieved a 36% recycling rate by weight across all facilities.
  • Committed to ensure that no waste from our centres and libraries ever goes to landfill.*
  • Ensured that all catering food waste is sent for composting and electricity generation.
  • Achieved ISO14001 environmental management certification.
  • Become REGO Certified with green electricity purchasing.
  • Introduced the UKs first biodegradable Library cards.

*Through GLL's corporate waste contracts. In some centres our council partners are responsible for waste collection and may have different policies.



  • Reduce energy use by 20% over the next five years.
  • Reduce carbon emissions by 25% (50,000 t/C02e) over the next five years.
  • Install 30 more solar arrays over the next five years.
  • Install 50 zero carbon heat pumps over the next five years.
  • Provide "Managing your business sustainably' training to all General Managers over the next three years.
  • Convert all essential company vehicles to electricy over the next five years.
  • Achieve a 50% recycling rate by 2027.
  • Stock a range of sustainable and healthy food products in our catering outlets.
  • Work closely with our local authority partners on Government funding schemes to further reduce energy consumption and carbon reduction.
  • Improve energy efficiency and lower emissions through our BMS (building management systems) monitoring and support hub.