Printed Date: 10/12/2016

Welcome to GLL

A charitable social enterprise for all the community

GLL makes community services and spaces better for everyone. And it’s about more than just money. Our people invest time, energy and effort into helping and improving communities through the services we offer - and with great results.

Our success means we’re proud to be the first leisure operator in the UK to be awarded the prestigious Social Enterprise Mark and the Big Society Award.


GLL News

GLL announces new partnership with Disability Sports Coach to improve disability provision

December 02, 2016

GLL has signed a partnership agreement with award-winning charity Disability Sports Coach (DSC)

GLL to Run Cardiff Leisure Centres from 1st December

November 30, 2016

GLL - the UK’s leading leisure charitable social enterprise – will formally begin its partnership with Cardiff City Council to manage and operate eight Cardiff Leisure Centres from Thursday 1st December.

Social Enterprise Day - GLL says 'Thank you!'

November 17, 2016

GLL – the UK’s largest leisure charitable social enterprise is celebrating Social Enterprise Day (17 November) with a big ‘Thank You!’ to its customers following a fabulous year of achievements for communities, customers and athletes.

About us

In 1993, Greenwich Council needed to find a new way to run its leisure centres because of public spending cuts and together, we came up with a new model. The first of its kind in UK leisure. GLL was born.

Our four pillars

We believe GLL is unique and not just because we were the first leisure trust in the UK. Our four ‘pillars’ sit at the heart of our business delivery and form the vital DNA that makes us tick.

Being a charitable social enterprise

GLL is here for the good of the community and is a not-for-profit organisation. As firm believers in the power of social values, this is what being a social enterprise means for us…