Printed Date: 28/05/2023

Our Corporate Plan

In a changing world, our aims and aspirations for the future are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure we meet the needs of our customers and partners. 

Customers At Our Heart

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do. We listen and learn to improve our services and visitor experience. We are proud of our status as a charitable social enterprise and promote these values and our commitment to our customers.

Partners Of Choice

Our partners understand our values, differences and the impact we make and are keen to work with us. We are the ‘go to‘ choice for local authorities wanting to improve public health and wellbeing service outcomes.

We believe GLL is unique - and not just because we were the first leisure trust in the UK. Our four values sit at the heart of our business-delivery and form the vital DNA that makes us tick. They are our guiding principles in delivering excellent service for our customers and partners.

Better Service

Better Choice For All

We are inclusive. We are for everyone. Our community services and spaces provide the solution to social challenge by benefitting the whole community, no matter their background. Everyone deserves a place to belong.

Better People

More Than A Job

Our people make us what we are. We are a staff owned organisation, where all Society members have the right to stand for, and elect our board. We are continually working with our people to develop their skills and potential and ensuring we have the skills / knowledge/experience/ behaviours that make us successful.

Better Communities

Making A Difference

We are in the heart of communities, providing a real ‘lifelong and lifestyle’ offer. When people use our services they are directly giving back to their own communities

Better Business

Business That Benefits Communities

We put purpose over profits. That’s why we reinvest every penny back into the business to support our social purpose, to develop our people and make our services and spaces better for everyone.