Printed Date: 27/04/2018

GLL support E3M campaign: Government Social Value Act goes live 31st January

From Thursday 31st January local Councils, the NHS and public bodies spending tax payers money on public services will have to consider both value for money and value to local people and communities of services they put out to tender. This means everything from local swimming pools and leisure centres to care services

The questions they and others will be asking - what is Social Value how do you recognise it?

The best way to explain Social Value is to look at examples of the social businesses which are already bringing Social Value to the services they deliver to communities.

The key difference between them and private business is that they put the profits back into the services they are delivering and their communities. Public authorities will now have to take this into consideration.

One such example is leading not-for-profit leisure provider (and E3M member), GLL, who operate over 110 public leisure centres across the UK. The organisation is owned by its staff and GLL's status as a charitable social enterprise means that the facilities are run on a not-for-profit basis, with any surplus reinvested into services.

Mark Sesnan, managing director of GLL, said: "GLL now operates more than 110 public leisure centres across England and Wales. Coupled with our status as a ‘not for profit’ social enterprise, we have both the operational skills and community focus that enable us to deliver top quality leisure services that encourage increased participation from people of all walks of life - regardless of age, or fitness levels."

"Delivering social value sits at the heart of our business delivery. GLL is now 20 years old, and we remain as committed to delivering social value in 2013, as we were in 1993."

As public sector markets, such as policing and health are opened up, this legislation is going to be of vital importance to ensure that public spending decisions take Social Value into account.

Detailed guide to Social Value Act