Printed Date: 12/08/2020

GLL unveils outline proposals for the future of Swindon’s Health Hydro


GLL the charitable social enterprise that operates Swindon’s Health Hydro has announced today (8th November) that it is undertaking a feasibility study into the best way to secure the future of the Hydro for generations to come.

The ageing Victorian building on Milton Road has numerous long-term maintenance issues, resulting in the hydro currently operating at a loss. Earlier this year the smaller swimming pool was closed following a significant leak, because the cost to bring it back into operation would have been prohibitive.

The not-for-profit social enterprise has now stated that work has started behind the scenes to investigate ways in which to make the facility financially viable, improve the leisure offering and maintain the fabric of the historic building for the long term.

GLL is in the early stages of exploring how the building could be re-modelled to meet the needs of 21st century leisure users, with an expansion of the gym and group exercise provision as one of the core proposals. 

Initial discussions have taken place with Swindon Council, while further meetings are scheduled in order to progress the project. GLL will also be engaging with local stakeholders to canvas opinion on the outline plan. 

Jamie Coleshill, GLL Regional Director for Swindon, said: “We are committed to securing the long term future of the Health Hydro. However, in its current state it is neither financially viable nor fit for purpose. We have to be creative and embrace change if we want the next generation of the town’s children to learn to swim, play sport or exercise there.

“We are working on a feasibility study at the moment and have met with architects who have worked on similar schemes within listed and historic buildings that celebrate their heritage whilst also creating a sustainable future.  

“We will make more information on our proposals public in the coming months, once our research is complete and the details are finalised and look forward to garnering feedback from the local community.”